OhBulbs Wafer Slim LED Recessed Downlights, Color Selectable. Pack of 12
OhBulbs Wafer Slim LED Recessed Downlights, Color Selectable. Pack of 12
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OhBulbs Wafer Slim LED Recessed Downlights, Color Selectable. Pack of 12

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    Illuminate your space with our high-quality, 6-inch recessed lighting LED. These lights are 2-hour fire-rated with a heat-resistant steel casing that provides up to 2 hours of fire protection; no additional housing or hardware required.

    Engineered with a Type IC & Air-Tight rating, they require no housing, perfect for both indoor and outdoor recessed lighting applications. The 6-inch Round Fire Rated Ultra Slim Recessed LED features a sleek design that blends seamlessly with your ceiling for a clean, contemporary look. 

    The 6-inch LED recessed lights provide bright, dimmable light that can be adjusted to your preference. Installation is a breeze with heavy-duty steel spring clips. With a spring height of 1 1/4", these lights can be installed on up to 2 x 5/8" drywall.

    The driver is located inside the connection box, eliminating the need for a junction box and making these lights ideal for commercial installations. Our 6-inch dimmable LED recessed light comes with 5 CCT user-selectable light colors and a CRI of 90+ for true color rendering.

    Whether you're looking for LED ceiling light flush mount, LED can lights, or can-less lights, our product range has got you covered. Featuring plenum-rated cable, these recessed light fixtures are a reliable solution for commercial settings. 

    This package includes 6 LED slim downlights of 6-inch, each accompanied by a junction box featuring integral drivers. Additionally, it contains an instruction sheet for easy installation guidance and a size-specific hole cut-out card for precise fitting.

    Choose from a variety of styles, including black recessed lights, can light conversion kit, can light replacement, and more. Whether you're updating your home's lighting or undertaking a large-scale commercial project, our recessed lighting 6-inch options offer the perfect blend of style, performance, and safety. So why wait? Illuminate your space with our premium recessed lights today.